11/01/2017 4:09 PM AEDT | Updated 11/01/2017 5:07 PM AEDT

KP Refused To Bat In The Big Bash, But Eventually He Had To Back Down

A bruised hand, some tape and a stand-off.

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Some tape and a stand-off created a whole heap of commotion at the MCG on Monday night.

There was some commotion Tuesday night at the MCG when Melbourne Stars star Kevin Pietersen sensationally refused to continue playing. And it was all over someone else's bruised hand.

First things first. Pietersen's team won by two wickets so all is well. But before the win KP kicked up a fuss over Adelaide Strikers bowler Kieron Pollard's hand -- which was taped due to bruising.

At the 10-over mark, the former England batsman asked Pollard to remove the tape from his bowling hand.

Alerting umpires, Pietersen was heard saying "I just want to get him to take that off his hand. I don't think it's right."

Umpires Tony Ward and Paul Wilson were split on the decision, but eventually both agreed to let play continue as Pollard had been bowling with the strapping -- protecting a bruised hand -- throughout the entire tournament.

"Kevin Pietersen wanted Kieron Pollard to take off the tape that was on his hand and we didn't think it was necessary," Ward later told Optus Sport.

"He's worn it all tournament and it doesn't enhance his bowling and our decision was that it's OK."

Before the umpires had agreed, the batsman had grown frustrated with the situation saying: "one umpire says it's fair and the other umpire says it's not, so I said I'm not going to bat until it's off'."

Wilson said it was important for the umpires to work together as a team.

"It was more that it was a prolonged discussion... When I came across and Kieron showed me his hand, it was pretty obvious that it was no advantage to him whatsoever."

KP eventually backed down. Let's say it was in the spirit of cricket. Had it been a more serious affair than the Big Bash, it would have been worse.