11/01/2017 8:28 PM AEDT

Donald Trump's Lawyer Gave The Weirdest Response To That Explosive Russia Report

The only thing his reaction proves is that he has the ability to travel outside the U.S.

DonaldTrump’s lawyer denied allegations that he met with Russian officials in Prague months before the election by tweeting a photo of his passport.

“I have never been to Prague in my life,” he said Tuesday night. He told Yahoo News that “I’ve never been to Russia either.”

The report, according to unverified documents that BuzzFeed published on Tuesday, charges that there was a “clandestine meeting between Republican presidential candidate, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and Kremlin representatives in August 2016.” The dossier, which BuzzFeed says came from a person who claims to be a former British intelligence official, claims that the meeting took place in the Czech capital of Prague. 

CNN published a similar report on Tuesday. The network said U.S. intelligence officials told Trump and President Barack Obama that they had received memos from the former British spy that claimed Russia had “compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.” Those officials told the president and president-elect that they could not verify those reports either.

Cohen and Trump have vehemently denied the allegations. The Atlantic later reported that Cohen was visiting the University of Southern California with his son around the time the report says he was in Prague. It’s unclear what Cohen thought tweeting a picture of passport would prove, though. 

The internet predictably had a field day with the tweet. Twitter users began to post other random pictures that don’t prove they weren’t in Prague.