13/01/2017 10:06 AM AEDT | Updated 13/01/2017 2:13 PM AEDT

Wine Lover? Here's What Your Favourite Drop Will Look Like In 2017

The trends, blends and pairings serving your palate this year.

We love a fine wine as much as the next person but in 2017, it's time to forget everything you know.

That's right, our favourite liquid pastime is getting a shake-up which means playing it safe is no longer an option.

"Australians are becoming much more adventurous with the style that they look for. We're certainly seeing alternate varieties increasing, particularly European styles like Vermetino," Alex Finnie, winemaker at James Estate, the official wine partner for Sydney Festival 2017 told The Huffington Post Australia.


Rosé for the pickings

Your local will stock more than a handful of varieties in 2017 and expect them to be drier, and lighter in colour. "We'll be seeing an increase in European and French styles coming in, as well as more choice from around Australia," Finnie said.

And with cheese

Sorry, Brie and Camembert but this year it's all about hard cheeses. Preferably paired with a crisp rosé. Think: Cheddar and Parmesan.

A wider world of whites and reds

Sticking to the same old Chardonnay was so 2016. Get ready to make hard-to-pronounce grapes part of your world. "Verdelho sales, which have always been reasonably low in the past are certainly picking up and we've just released a 2016 varietal which makes for a great drink now wine."

"As for reds, we'll be seeing more blends with styles like Shiraz Pinot," Finnie said.

James Estate Winery in the Upper Hunter region of Baerami, New South Wales.

Chardonnay eruption

It saw a huge resurgence last year and that's not about to stop anytime soon. "There's lots of experimental stuff happening with Chardonnay -- that heavily oaked style we saw in the '90s is well and truly over -- and more people will be pairing it with cheese, seafood and meats," Finnie said.

Wine from a tap

If craft beer can do it, why can't wine? Plenty of pubs and bars are already offering wine straight from a keg and we can only expect to see more of this.

And wine from a can

Because let's face it, you've broken enough wine glasses in the backyard. Easy to cool and extra convenient, a more chilled-out approach to packaging (and vino in general) is coming in 2017.

That's surely worth a clink.