15/01/2017 2:21 PM AEDT | Updated 16/01/2017 10:41 AM AEDT

Adelaide Toddler Scales Pool Fence In Viral Drowning Warning

The confronting vision shines the spotlight on pool safety.

Facebook/Wendy Atkinson

An Adelaide mother has posted an alarming video warning about how easy it is for children to scale pool fences in the wake of a spate of drownings across the nation.

Wendy Atkinson posted the video to Facebook which showed her two-year-old son easily and quickly scaling and opening a pool gate to highlight the danger of backyard pools.

The video has struck a chord with internet users, racking up more than 340,000 views by Sunday afternoon. The post follows a spike in fatal water-related incidents this summer.

"READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS POST BFORE COMMENTING AND WATCHING THE VIDEO.Sorry this is longwinded but definitely worth the read if you care about your babies.You wanna know how DROWNINGS occur THIS IS HOW!," Atkinson wrote in a post accompanying the video.

"I am reposting this video as I stupidly bought into uneducated trolls and just realised you cant fix stupid.

"As vigilant as we like to think we all are and would love to be when you add extra risks like unpredictable siblings,friends,environment it gets beyond your control accidents will happen."

In the post, Atkinson wrote that she initially took down the video after after criticism but reposted it "because I refuse to have another child drown before every parent had had a chance for my beautiful 2-year-old son to educated them".

"Haters are gonna hate and I accept that if my baby can teach us all one thing we can learn from screw the haters hate away," she added.

Here's the entire post: