16/01/2017 2:51 PM AEDT | Updated 17/01/2017 8:21 AM AEDT

A Homeless Man Offered A Freezing Couple His Coat, Now They've Changed His Life

Good karma prevails.

Facebook: Charlotte Ellis
Charlotte Ellis and Taylor Waldon have found a lifelong friend in 'Joey'.

Good karma has reared its glorious head in a story coming out of the UK, where a homeless man offered a freezing couple his duvet and coat when they missed the last train on a 'drunken' night out.

UK woman Charlotte Ellis took the duvet, and before too long the homeless man known as 'Joey' joined Ellis and her boyfriend, Taylor Waldon, on their way home.

The couple had offered to take him in, despite Ellis fearing facing her mother in the morning. But five days later -- after a clean shave, a few hearty meals and a lifelong friendship developed between the three -- Joey got a job.

"All he needed was someone to have faith in him and to help be that stepping stone to make a difference to someone's life," Ellis wrote on Facebook in early January.

"Joey is the most amazing, caring and incredible human that we have ever met, and I'm so blessed to of [sic] been a part of getting him off the streets."

You can read the entire Facebook post here, where Ellis describes the chance encounter in a 1,100 word essay:

"Sometimes all someone needs is someone to give them a little bit of their time. Someone to restore their faith in humanity," Ellis wrote.

"I share this story for one reason only, please just give a little time to stop and ask them how there day is, make them know that there is people out there that do care. Just give them a little bit of your time. It costs nothing."

The UK couple's friends and family have followed in their footsteps and generously donated their time and money to help Joey start a new life.

We treat him as we would treat anyone else. We have faith in him, we help him. But more importantly we give him our time and friendship.Charlotte Ellis

"We have taken him for Indian, we have had his hair cut, we give him a phone, my friends give him a new wardrobe, they go play football, watch Django, the boys play playstation, he helps my mum feed the horses, he has a roast dinner," Ellis wrote.

"We treat him as we would treat anyone else. We have faith in him, we help him. But more importantly we give him our time and friendship."

And if there's a greater gift, go on, give it. If this didn't inspire you, we don't know what will.