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Ed Sheeran Will Bless Australia With A Live Performance At Sydney Opera House

Like two surprise singles and a forthcoming album wasn't enough.

Just a few weeks after Ed Sheeran pulled a mini-Beyoncé by dropping two singles on the same day, the Nova Network has announced the Brit musician will kick off 2017's Nova Red Room with a live performance at the Sydney Opera House.

The news comes after the 25-year-old superstar absolutely destroyed the record for the most streams in the first 24 hours of availability for the two new singles. Amongst the madness, Sheeran also announced his forthcoming album, ÷ (pronounced 'divide') which is set for release on March 3.

According to NOVA, the iconic Aussie venue is somewhere Sheeran has always wanted to play. And come February 7 that dream will become a sweet reality.

As always with Nova's Red Room, scoring tickets means listening in and contesting starting during the Kate, Tim & Marty drive show and in Smallzy's Surgery from Monday 16 January.

Can't make it to Sydney? Listeners at home can also experience this exclusive event with the Nova Network broadcasting the gig from 9pm AESDT.

Thank you, Ed, for this gift. You are welcome any time.

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