Healthy Money Habits To Adopt In 2017 (Yes, You)

Lessons in organising your $$$ for the year ahead, no matter your life stage.

Whether you're a university graduate or newly retired, the subject of money is one few people enjoy talking (no less, thinking) about.

Except that not thinking about it is kind of hard when you're practically forced to count down the days till payday. Sound familiar?

Well, with a new year comes an automatic fresh slate which means facing your finances is possible (read: now's the time, baby!). It's simply about getting cluey and handling, not ignoring, that bill/debt/ATM balance.

Recently, Choosi together with financial literacy educator Michelle House highlighted the common money mistakes people make at every live stage in an infographic. Take a look, below.

From the amount of lost superannuation belonging to Aussies aged 25 to 35, to the number of young families who don't have some kind of safety net in place, these are just some of the things worth paying attention to.

Like they say, life is a succession of lessons but if you can somehow get ahead of the game, then you can bet your monthly money misery won't seem quite so bad.