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How A Travel Blogger Survives A Long-Haul Flight

Yes, they eat the plane food.

Like most life things, the more you travel the better you get at it.

That means less angst when you go through security, expert seat selection skills and an efficient, enjoyable pre-flight experience.

Just ask the lucky crop of travel bloggers who make a living out of exploring a different city. Every. Single. Week.

But with the eternal wanderlust, comes the long-haul flights. So how do those who travel for a living tackle the long slogs? We went straight to the source and asked lifestyle blogger and photographer, Zanita Whittington, to run us through her flight routine.

Carry-on essentials

Start with... a decent-sized bag or small suitcase with compartments

"My 'AWAY' carry-on suitcase fits my laptop and camera bag, it's super durable and stylish and it has a battery pack to charge my devices. I can charge my phone in-transit, at the airport without being stuck by a powerpoint," Whittington told The Huffington Post Australia.

Add... a mini toiletries kit

"Most often, I'm travelling eight to 12-hour flights and often two in a row if I'm going to and from Australia. I'll refresh and moisturise my skin multiple times throughout the trip -- there's nothing worse than arriving with a complexion ravaged from the dry plane environment."

Whittington recommends a light cleanser, heavy moisturiser, petroleum-free lip moisturiser, eye cream and drops, sheet mask and face spray. And of course, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Don't forget... a good eye mask

"Look for one made from silk or anything that doesn't apply pressure on your eyelids," Whittington said.

Before you board

Without a doubt... hit the drink fountain

To fill up your water bottle, or just buy a new one. "You can't be sure to get enough on board," Whittington said.

Do what you can... to relax

"Depending on the day I love having a cheeky glass or two of wine! It calms me through the tedious boarding process. Be sure to drink plenty of water to balance it out though," Whittington said.

On board

Dress for the ocassion... AKA get comfy

"Tracksuit pants and sweats always. I would wear pyjamas if I knew I wouldn't get such strange looks!" Whittington said. She also has a policy of never looking at the time. "It just makes the whole experience drag out."

Download ahead of time... to mix things up

"I usually watch the movies on inflight entertainment, but I've recently discovered podcasts -- I love Tim Ferris and James Altucher. I've also just discovered the joy of audio books, such a relief on tired eyes. I've been listening to 'Lean In' by Sheryl Sandberg and 'Scrappy Little Nobody' by Anna Kendrick.

You know the drill... Zzz

"Sleeping in business class isn't so hard, but it's a different story when I fly economy!" Whittington said.

"I'm 6ft tall, so sitting up in a small space isn't comfortable. Sometimes I'll buy an over the counter sleeping tablet to help along but I never like to put pressure on myself over sleep because I'll always end up disappointed."

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