16/01/2017 9:15 AM AEDT | Updated 16/01/2017 11:18 AM AEDT

Jockey Allegedly Blocked Horses To Let Girlfriend Win Race

Nice thought buddy, but um, nay.

A South Australian jockey has been stood down after a bizarre incident in which he allegedly steered his horse into race rivals to allow his girlfriend to win.

Jockey Josh Cartwright has pleaded guilty to the serious charge of reckless riding and has been stood down after the race at Morphettville in Adelaide on Saturday.

The vision from the controversial race shows Cartwright steering his horse Senior Council across the track in front of two other horses, almost sending the riders to the floor.

"He directed and rode his mount outwards in a reckless manner at an acute angle with the intention of making contact with runners to his outside," the stewards' report said.

"Cartwright was stood down from all riding activity with immediate effect."

In the video Cartwright appears to be attempting to block horses House Of Wax and Go The Journey. House of Wax jockey Jason Holder actually becomes momentarily dislodged from his saddle during the incident.

According to the ABC, former jockey John Letts said he's not seen action like that in a long time. He added that reckless riding was a "very rare charge".

Murti who was ridden by Cartwright's girlfriend Anna Jordsjo, went on to win the race. House Of Wax finished seventh and Go The Journey ended up in fifth.

The trainer of Senior Council John Peacock is said to have been left shattered by Saturday's event. He didn't realise what had happened until after the race.

"I didn't know what was going on at the time but it is a shocking thing he has done," he said to the Herald Sun.

The newspaper reports that 22-year-old Cartwright was also fined $500 in 2015 when he tried to steal the whip of a rival rider during a race.

Cartwright's profile says he's developing a reputation as a good rider that's already outridden his country claim.

"Cartwright has made a good impression in Adelaide and if he continues at his current rate of success then he should be able establish himself in the Victorian riding ranks," said.