16/01/2017 8:04 AM AEDT | Updated 17/01/2017 6:48 AM AEDT

This Kitesurfer Came Frighteningly Close To A Great White Shark

'Just when she passes me below I realise it's a Great White shark.'

Drone footage has captured how close a French kitesurfer came to a Great White shark while out in the water in Western Australia's Great Southern region.

Isabelle Fabre posted the incredible video to her Facebook page, Travelling with Isa. The shark can be seen circling her in the clip, getting VERY close to her board.

"I see this huge black mass. At the beginning I tell myself it's the shadow of my kite... You know, the usual joke," Isabelle Fabre wrote about the close encounter near the Fitzgerald River National Park.

"Then I thought it was a dolphin trick! You know, when they spring out just in front of you!" she explained in the captions of the video.

"But still, this shadow, she circling me, and she's bigger than my board. Just when she passes me below I realise it's a Great White shark."

Fabre explains that she immediately turned the kite around but the wind was really light. She was struggling to get out of the water and thought this was the end.

"Finally I reached the beach. I was shaking. Now we can tell I have ridden a Great White shark!" Fabre's video ends with.

It doesn't look like it's put the blogger and ocean enthusiast off the water, in her latest Facebook post she's standing triumphantly on the rocks in WA's beautiful Esperance.