17/01/2017 8:32 AM AEDT | Updated 17/01/2017 12:45 PM AEDT

Aussie Tourists Run For Their Lives In Mexico Nightclub Shooting

'I found one of my mates nursing another guy that had been shot'.

Victor Ruiz Garcia / Reuters
A police officer stands outside the Blue Parrot nightclub after a gunman opened fire early on Monday.

Australian tourists ran for their lives after being caught up in the Mexico nightclub shooting that killed at least five people.

Shooting broke out in the Blue Parrot club, in Mexico's Playa del Carmen resort during the BPM music festival, early Monday morning (local time). In a Facebook post, the festival stated a "lone shooter" had killed four people, including three security staff, and injured 12. At least one woman was reportedly killed in the crush trying to flee the club.

Among those rushing to escape the shooting were groups of Australian tourists. Perth man Nathan Hannah told ABC 24 news there was "blood everywhere".

"I thought it was a joke at the start. We ran down, tried to find the rest of us. As I was running through, people everywhere and just three bodies at the front, just blood everywhere," he told ABC 24.

"I found one of my mates nursing another guy that had been shot... Pretty horrific itself. Just people everywhere, just scattered. Yeah, pandemonium really."

"The most distressing thing was trying to find everyone at once. There's about nine of us so trying to find everyone was scary. But luckily we all came out all good."

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said there were no reports of Australian casualties. Other Australian tourists reported helping victims. Jhana Green told Channel Seven he helped a man who had been shot in the eye.

Witnesses reported initially thinking the shooting was fireworks inside the club.