16/01/2017 9:24 PM AEDT | Updated 17/01/2017 8:22 AM AEDT

Several People Reported Dead In Mexico Music Festival Shooting

Popular DJ Jackmaster has urged everyone at the festival to stay indoors.

Five people have reportedly been killed when a shooter fired on a crowd at a popular music festival in Mexico.

The shooting took place at the festival's closing party at the Blue Parrot.

Footage published on social media shows terrified festival-goers running from the nightclub, screaming "He's got a gun! He's got a gun!"

The BPM Festival runs over 10 days from January 6 to 15 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and features 375 artists. The event attracts tourists from around the world, including Australia.

All festival events have now been shut down and police are investigating.

Popular Scottish DJ, Jackmaster, tweeted about the shooting, saying there were "many" wounded and urging festival attends to stay inside their hotels.

Australian DJ Wax Motif, whose real name is Danny Chien, has tweeted about the incident -- which, he says, "happened right in front of us".

"We ran down the beach because we saw bodies in the alleyway next to the club, then another gunman started charging down on us from up the beach," he wrote.

It is not yet clear how many gunmen were involved in the attack, but reports have also emerged of a second shooting at The Jungle, a nightclub hosting another of the festival's closing parties.

Mexican authorities are yet to comment on possible causes behind the shootings.