Australia's Biggest Beauty Blogger Reveals Her Favourite Products

When Lauren Curtis speaks, people listen.
Lauren Curtis is Australia's most famous social media celebrity.
Lauren Curtis is Australia's most famous social media celebrity.

She's Australia's biggest YouTube success.

At just 24 she's got 1.5 million followers on Instagram, over 2.2 million on Facebook, and more than 3 million on her channel. That's a whole lotta influence.

Importantly as a role model to a lot of young women, she's very down to earth -- choosing to reside in Perth to be near to her friends and family instead of Sydney where she might have more work opportunities. Curtis is also well known for (what she calls) her 'rants' on Snapchat where she discusses topics like self confidence, bullying and finding happiness.

But back to the beauty products.

Curtis uploaded a video to YouTube on Tuesday detailing her favourite products from the year that was. The clip talks through foundation and base products, to liner, mascara and lip. You can match the video here and find details and where to buy to her favourite loot below.

Curtis wears this on its own for its strong pigment and high coverage, though it is intended to be mixed with moisturiser or lighter coverage foundations. It boasts a satin finish that is really easy to blend. Curtis wears shade G20 when not tanned, and G40 when wearing fake tan.

Curtis believes this foundation is perfect for fair skin as the shades are a great match for light skintones. The coverage is amazing and it blends out nicely, and importantly, looks good in photos.

This tinted moisturiser is a great go-to for a sheer coverage, daily wear base. It evens out skin tone and looks very natural. Great for a summer's day, and contains suncreen.

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Curtis claims she pretty much only uses the one concealer at the moment and has been using it non-stop. It is really high coverage, but with a thin consistency, so a little goes a long way. Use it with a beauty blender to avoid any lines around the eyes.

The packaging of this illuminator itself is beautiful and the colour is stunning. It's a nice natural highlight that isn't too silvery or pinky, and is very easy to apply.

This blush looks great on both tan and fair skin, and the finish isn't too shimmery or shiny. Its build-able and it is quite hard to make a mistake with this powder, which is important for beginners.

Have you seen this video?! Watch the whole thing on my channel, link in my bio 💋❤️

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When it comes to filling in brows, the colour in this trio is great and the formula of the powders is very finely milled, meaning the powder glides on and is easy to use.

This clear brow gel sets brows in place and doesn't look crispy, shiny or wet.

Curtis wears this soft gold eye shadow every single day and claims it the most gorgeous everyday creamy champagne shade. It's also very versatile and great as a highlighter on the cheeks.

This soft cream liner is great to use in the inner water line to open up eyes and make them look more awake. It is not stark white so doesn't look obvious, unlike a lot of other eye brighteners.

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When it comes to good old eyeliner, this is a pure black matte pencil which is intense, creamy and easy to blend.

Curtis uses two liquid liners when doing a 'cat-eye'. She uses this liquid liner, because it is smaller and finer, to create the wing of the winged liner look.

In contrast, this felt pen liner is longer and thicker, so Curtis uses it to line the upper lash line.

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The mascara formula is 'tubular', which means when you wet your eyes it comes off in rubbery clumps and doesn't make any mess or dark circles. This makes it great for for outdoor activities.

This lip oil is very comfortable to wear, and Curtis feels it is more nourishing than a balm, as well as adding a nice shine and intense glossiness.

The perfect lip-gloss, this baby pink shade is activated by shaking and is applied with a fun sponge applicator.