18/01/2017 4:10 AM AEDT

Mum Stealthily Escapes Toddler's Bedroom Like A Boss

Parents will know only too well that crippling moment when you think your toddler is asleep so you try to sneak out of the bedroom then bam, they wake up. 

So if you’re looking for an alternative to spending another hour waiting for them to head off to the land of nod, use this mum’s trick.

Caryn Chelin Morris, from South Africa, managed to stealthily sneak out of her son’s room without a peek from him. The best part? It was caught on camera.

“The best thing about having cameras in your house is watching your wife trying to exit the room after putting your son down,” her husband Tyrone Morris wrote on Facebook.

”Sometimes you have to use your initiative for your exit,” Morris wrote in the caption on 14 January. “P.s. the SA army are calling me for you to do training on the reverse leopard crawl.”

The 45-second clip shows Caryn laying horizontal on the floor next to her baby’s crib, then slowly shimmying herself further towards the door.

She has her eyes on her son the whole time, checking whether or not he has noticed her sneaky move. 

Thankfully she makes it out of the room (with the baby still asleep) in a small victory, which parents around the world are celebrating. 


The video was viewed nearly 40,000 times within three days of being posted and had many parents cracking up.

“Now that has made my day,” one mum wrote. “That’s excellent and some brilliant backwards crawling.”

Another wrote: “Hahaha. I’ve also had to sneak out plenty times but I have never tried the ‘reverse leopard crawl’ - this is next level. Hats off to you.”

Others picked up on the fact the mum sneaking along the floor actually looks a little creepy, with one writing: “Kinda scary at the same time like something out of a horror movie: glowing eyes and a person sneaking across the floor?

“If I woke up to that I’d shit myself.”

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