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Aussie Mum Outraged At Back-To-School Costs As Schoolkids Bonus Ends

Her $578 school supplies bill has gone viral.

Queensland mother-of-three Cindy Bogan vented her frustration on Facebook last week at the skyrocketing costs of getting the kids back to school.

It seems lots of parents are feeling the pinch too -- the post has since been shared over 2000 times. Bogan's bill of $578.10 didn't include uniforms, shoes, resource fees and backpacks.

"This is the total for books & stationery ONLY for a Year 10, Year 8 & Prep student for commencing 2017 in a PUBLIC school," Bogan wrote.

"Included in this total is $88. $88 for 6 packs of 4 Whiteboard Markers for the Prep students TEACHER. 24 Whiteboard Markers PER student. So if there is 20 students in ONE Prep Class - that's a total of 480 Whiteboard Markers. Are you serious!?"

Apart from being outraged over an excess of white board markers required for school, Bogan raised the point that the Schoolkids Bonus has been phased out this year, leaving parents on their own to cover mounting costs.

The Schoolkids Bonus was paid to eligible families in two instalments per year -- $215 for primary school children and $428 for high school children. The final payments went through in July 2016 and there is no replacement planned this year. The payments were introduced in 2013 to replace the Education Tax Refund. Labor opposed axing the Schoolkids Bonus during the federal election last year but has since backed down.

"So many families relied on the School Bonus to do exactly what I did today - prepare their children for the coming school year," Bogan wrote.

"I hope all you politicians and your ignorance to the average Australian family see this & make the change."

In response to the ending of the Schoolkids Bonus payments, The Department of Human Services ran a social media series on school cost saving tips.

But with school supply lists now asking for non-stationary items like hand sanitiser, paper towels and expensive technology, many parents around Australia are struggling to cover the costs.


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