This Toaster For Bacon Is Just What You Need Right Now

There's nothing wrong with this picture.

Maybe you’re groaning about Donald Trump’s speech, weeping over Michelle Obama’s last outfit, or still racking your brain as to WHY Kellyanne Conway chose to wear a bizarre coat of cats.

But no matter what ails you on this Inauguration Day, we’ve found the cure: This brilliant bacon grill. According to its makers, you simply open it up and lay your meat on...

...then wait a few moments and watch your perfect, crispy bacon emerge.

The Bacon Express is technically a grill, but it looks more like a toaster, as Gizmodo points out. The gadget has a built-in grease catcher for easy cleanup, and its arched grill structure reportedly prevents the shriveling that so often happens in pans.

The Bacon Express is available on Amazon for about $40 plus shipping. See more of the action below: