22/01/2017 9:01 PM AEDT | Updated 23/01/2017 9:21 AM AEDT

This Couple Handled Horrific Racist Abuse In The Best Way Possible

'Why do you have a mask, terrorist? You got a gun?'

A woman has been filmed banging on the car window of a Muslim couple while screaming "you Muslim terrorist" and "Do you have a gun?" on the campus of a university in Sydney's northwest on Friday.

Ramzy Alamudi's wife had finished the last exam of her medical science degree and the couple were leaving Macquarie University campus to celebrate.

On Facebook, Alamudi said they were walking toward their car when he noticed the woman staring at his wife. Alamudi's wife wears a niqab, an Islamic veil covering the mouth and nose.

His wife waved and smiled at the woman, but then Alamudi alleges the woman "flipped" after he asked her everything was ok.

With Alamudi and his wife in the car, the woman pounds on the window screaming racial slurs.

However, instead of responding with anger, Alamudi calmly urges his wife to call security before stepping outside the vehicle to remove the woman.

"I only reacted after she was going to snap off my wipers (it was a rainy day!) I moved the abusive woman away from my wife until several witnesses assisted in the attempt to neutralise her till security came. My wife stopped recording to call security," Alamudi wrote on Facebook.

This troubling footage shows the woman trying to get into the car, banging on the windows and yelling at Alamudi's wife: "Get out!" and "Who are You?" "Why you got a mask? Terrorist. You got a gun?"

She also demanded to see the ID of Alamudi's wife.

The woman had a child in her own car nearby during her tirade.

"To make matters worse, after her being forced away by Macquarie uni security (who did an excellent job), did we all suddenly realise she had an infant in the car! Her hate clearly held priority over her child," Alamudi wrote.

Emily Face Guff, another witness, captured footage where the woman is heard yelling: "I see her looking so scary", and "I don't know what she carry."

"She was demanding this man show her some form of ID, calling out that she didn't belong here, and that we shouldn't let her walk around freely because we didn't know what she could have hiding under her dress," Ms Guff wrote on Facebook.

The couple say they have been shaken by the incident and ask for their privacy to be respected.

"An unfavorable circumstance for my wife and I," Alamudi wrote on Facebook.

"However, I'm at least glad this happened to us, as opposed to another innocent person who may not have been capable of defending themselves."

Fairfax Media reports that the police have charged a 35-year-old woman with common assault and destroying or damaging property following an incident in a car park about 1pm on Friday.

The woman will appear in Burwood Local Court on Monday, March 13.