People Are Going Wild For Frozen Oak Choc Milk

Go on, treat yo'self.

If there's one thing in life that's certain it's that Aussies bloody love their chocolate milk, so it's no surprise that people have absolutely lost their shit over magical 'Frozen OAK'.

A photo of a frozen version of the choc milk brand OAK was shared to a number of Facebook pages over the weekend and people well...went a little wild for it.

Facebook users jumped on OAK's page wanting to share their stories of both success and failure in the hunt for the frozen chocolatey goodness seen in the images.

"Oak, we need to talk. This evening I learnt that Oak Frozen Chocolate slushees was real. Now I need to know where I can find this liquid magic in Darwin please. Eagerly awaiting your response, Megan," one user wrote on OAK's Facebook.

"When you're gonna distribute those Fountain of Youth Frozen Oak in Melbourne?" another said. It was the perfect answer to the hungry/thirsty internal debate.

So far OAK has confirmed that the new version is only in NSW "at this stage". They also replied to people by offering a list of stockists in NSW. See dreams do come true.