26/01/2017 1:30 AM AEDT

Alicia Keys' Beauty Evolution: From Flawless To Flawless

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images
Yes. To. All. Of. This. 

Today it might hard to remember a time when Alicia Keys, goddess of all things good and makeup free, actually wore makeup regularly. After declaring herself free of the stuff last June, her name became synonymous with natural beauty, her example responsible for an overhaul of our morning routines. 

Keys recently explained that makeup and the effect it had on the skin made her feel “even more self-conscious, objectified and judged” in the early days of her career. But take a look back at her beauty looks of yesteryear, and you’d never know it. Her wide range of bold looks included bright eyeshadows, deep lips and more epic hairstyles than we can count.  

Of course, starting with a pretty fabulous canvas helps, but looking back at our our favorite Alicia Keys beauty moments only solidifies that she’s simply stunning, both with makeup and without.

In honor of her birthday on Jan. 25, join us in fallin’ down one seriously gorgeous memory lane.