Take A Chilling Peek At Life In The Coldest Permanently Inhabited Town On Earth

Doesn't get more frigid than this.

Hate tropical vacations? There’s always Oymyakon.

This remote Russian village holds the world record for lowest temperature in a permanently inhabited place, at -90 degrees Fahrenheit. Forecasts for February 2017 hover in the -20s and -30s, and at some points in winter, the sun only shines for a mere three hours each day. Locals here use outhouses because indoor plumbing often freezes, and cars are rendered almost useless by the cold, Wired reports.

BoredPanda recently dug up images from photographer Amos Chapple’s visit to Oymyakon a few years ago. They offer a chilling look at everyday life for the approximately 500 residents who call this frigid town home:

Surprisingly, travelers visit Oymyakon year-round, but getting there isn’t easy: Your best bet is to join a tour group for the arduous drive from Yakutsk, the nearest big city and an approximately six-hour flight from Moscow. Once in Oymyakon, expect to mingle with locals, and participate in local activities like ice fishing, farm tours and visits to a reindeer herders’ camp.

Then maybe head off to a nice, warm beach. Happy travels!