Model Samantha Harris Named Ambassador For Barnardos 'Mother of the Year' 2017

Mums are superheroes. Let's celebrate them.
Nominations for the 2017 Barnardos 'Mother of the Year' Awards are now open.
Nominations for the 2017 Barnardos 'Mother of the Year' Awards are now open.

Indigenous Australian model Samantha Harris doesn't go more than a day without speaking to her mum.

"We definitely speak all the time, if she doesn't hear from me for two days, she'll think something's wrong," Harris told The Huffington Post Australia.

Despite the distance -- her mother, Myrna lives on the Gold Coast while Harris resides in Sydney -- it's a relationship the 26-year-old has cherished her whole life. And a big reason for Harris's long time involvement with the annual Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards.

This year, Harris has thrown her support behind the charity by signing up as the campaign's ambassador.

"A few years ago, mum and I attended one of the 'Mother of the Year' lunches and witnessed some of the most amazing stories. It was extremely moving," Harris said.

"Being part of Barnardos and being able to support and recognise such a wonderful charity is so important to me," Harris said.

Harris, who became the second Aboriginal model to front Vogue Australia at the age of 19 said her mum has been a constant source of encouragement throughout her career.

"She used to come to all the shows and the castings, especially because I was so young," Harris, who signed a contract with Chic Model Management aged 13.

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Today, her mother can't get to as many shows as she would like but she's the first one to hear about an exciting job or casting that's coming up, and is Harris' go-to for a 'good chat.'

"I've always been close with mum -- I've got three brothers and I'm the only girl -- so you can imagine there's not much that gets between us," Harris said.

"There's not much she can't do -- mums can do anything," Harris said.

If you've got an inspiring story with your mum, or know of an amazing mum who deserves to be considered for the 2017 Barnardos Mother of the Year, nominate her by 26 February via