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Malcolm Roberts Wants To Change The Date Of Labour Day Because He Thinks It's About The Labor Party

The Queensland Senator was outraged by protests against Australia Day.

Senator Malcolm Roberts has proposed moving the date of Labour Day in light of the protest movement calling to change the date of Australia from January 26th. The One Nation MP, who was voted into the Senate with 77 votes, posted the idea on Twitter yesterday.

He went further in a Facebook post which has since been deleted but appears on a Reddit thread.

"If those rude left wing extremists won't respect our heritage and love for our country on Australia Day, why should we respect their need for Labour day?" the post read.

Labour Day, also known as Eight Hours Day or May Day, is a state holiday to recognise the introduction of the 40-hour working week and eight-hour work day. It has its origins in the eight-hour movement but is also associated with egalitarianism and mateship in Australia. The day is non-partisan and is spelled differently to the Australian Labor Party.

When is Labour Day in 2017?

  • Western Australia: Labour Day, Monday 6th March
  • Victoria & Tasmania: Eight Hours Day, Monday 13th March
  • Queensland: Labour Day, Monday 1st May
  • Northern Territory: May Day, Monday 1st May
  • ACT, New South Wales & South Australia: Labour Day, Monday 2nd October

Malcolm Roberts expressed further outrage over the Invasion Day protests on his Facebook page.

"I hear there are twits protesting Australia Day across the country. Ignore those people, they are haters, they despise Australia, they are not like you and I," he wrote in the post.

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