27/01/2017 10:39 AM AEDT | Updated 27/01/2017 2:30 PM AEDT

Stocco Fugitive Father And Son Showed 'No Remorse' For Murder

The children of murder victim Rosario Cimone faced the duo in court.

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The Stoccos reportedly changed their appearance as police were closing in on them.

The children of a man murdered by Mark and Gino Stocco faced the notorious fugitive killers in a the NSW Supreme Court to deliver an emotional victim impact statement ahead of sentencing.

Cimone's body was found when the Stoccos' eight-year manhunt ended at a remote property where he was caretaker. Daughter Maria Perre said her family were haunted by the "absolute horror" of his final moments.

"We just can't see how we will overcome his loss -- and the absolute horror of the way he died," Perre told the sentencing hearing.

"Losing dad had a profound impact on all of us and was many things to many people, he was a wonderful father."

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The Pinevale property where Gino and Mark Stocco were arrested and the body of Rosario Cimone was found.

The father and son have pleaded guilty to Cimone's murder along with a string of offences from the final days of their life on the run.

They led a manhunt for eight years across three states, initially in relation to violent crimes and property offences in Queensland.

Their lives on the run spiraled in 2015, when police closed in on the pair near Wagga Wagga resulting in a short-lived stand-off where the Stuccos fired at police.

After an immense manhunt involving hundreds of police, helicopters and road blocks, the duo were eventually surrounded and arrested. The body of Cimone was found nearby, hastily covered with branches, with his money and shoes removed.

The pair will be sentenced on March 31.

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