29/01/2017 10:02 AM AEDT | Updated 30/01/2017 10:15 AM AEDT

Greens: Turnbull Must 'Show Guts' In Phone Call With Trump

Richard Di Natale is fired up.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stand up to US President Donald Trump over his executive order targeting Muslims and refugees when the pair speak on Saturday.

Turnbull and Trump are due to have their first official phone conversation since the New Yorker assumed office as President earlier this month. The phone hook up comes just one day after Trump controversially signed an executive order that suspends the US' refugee program for four months and bans Syrian refugees from entering the nation indefinitely.

Trump believes the tough immigration measure will dent radical Islamic terror but the order is already facing legal challenge in the face of strident opposition from civil liberty groups.

Di Natale told Sky News that Turnbull should have strong words with Trump about the ban, calling on the PM to show "guts" on the issue.

The Greens leader urged Turnbull to tell Trump: "This is the wrong way, go back, you are a country that holds itself out to be a beacon of values of liberty, of freedom, well then you are not the America that we want to continue to have a relationship with'".

The call from the Oval Office will reportedly take place on Saturday morning as part of a number of conversations Trump is said to have scheduled with world leaders.

Turnbull is expected to raise Australia's proposed refugee resettlement deal with the US in the call.