28/01/2017 8:30 AM AEDT

Torrid Got Its Customers To Pose In Their Underwear, And It's Magic

Torrid ― a clothing, accessory, swimwear, lingerie and shoe retailer for women sizes 10-30 ― introduced its newest ads Thursday, and the results are pretty epic. 

The brand tapped both influencers and its customers to star in its #TheseCurves campaign, featuring women of many shapes and sizes on its site and inspiring women to share photos of themselves in their underwear.

Included in the mix is Anna O’Brien, or glitterandlazers as she’s known on social media, who explained in a release how excited she is to be “part of a campaign that celebrates the bodies many of us grew up being taught to hate.”

"See this body? #thesecurves are fearless. I'm a curvy woman, but I am also a tech goddess, a fantastical philanthropist, and sassy songstress." - Anna O'Brien

Also featured is blogger and Refinery29 writer Liz Black, who said on Instagram that while it took “years” to love her body, now she prefers to “celebrate it in style.” In a statement, she also applauded Torrid for its fashionable offerings. “My body deserves better than the blandness typically offered to plus size women,” she said. 

"It took me a long time to appreciate #TheseCurves but I finally do. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone did a lot for my confidence." - Liz Black
"#thesecurves can achieve anything i put my mind to and to top it off, i feel confident and sexy as i move through the world." - Natalie Hage
Just some of the women featured in #thesecurves.

Torrid also took to its own Instagram to share some images, including a shot featuring familiar faces Precious Lee and Georgina Burke.

#TheseCurves come in all shades of sexy —click the link in our bio to shop the #SexySale

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Torrid’s campaign prowess is not limited to lingerie. It released an equally epic denim campaign back in July 2016.

Check out just some of the gorgeous #TheseCurves participants below.