30/01/2017 11:18 AM AEDT | Updated 31/01/2017 1:24 PM AEDT

Five Hobbies To Try When Your Hobbies Game Isn't Strong

Keep trying. Something will stick.

Remember that time we showed you how acquiring new skills does weird and wonderful things to your brain?

Well, we're still fascinated.

We also get that hobbies take time to build up, are preferably challenging to reap the benefits and can be easily be dropped as a result.

But there's still something to say for spicing up your work week with an activity that gets you out of bed in the morning or keeps you off the couch when you get home.

So open your mind and keep trying. Who knows what you'll find yourself enjoying.

Crocheting can be cool.

Yes, really. We're talking about those gorgeous hand crocheted blankets, rugs and hangings that you'll find splashed across your favourite interior Instagrams.

Jump onto Youtube for a tutorial or two (yes, I want to know how to hand crochet a blanket in an hour) or find a workshop.

Dip your toes into resin art.

You may have seen a few of these popping up on Pinterest, too -- and subsequently became lost in them.

If you're in pursuit of a hobby that gets your creative juices flowing -- and is slightly left of centre -- resin art could be for you.

But, be warned, this one comes at a cost.

Take up a photography course.

Are you the kind of person who whips out your iPhone at every possible moment, and values a photo-heavy camera roll? Perhaps it is time to dust off your grandfather's age-old film camera, or take your digital photography skills up a notch.

tonefotografia via Getty Images
Get out there and start experimenting.

And when it comes to marrying leisure with improved cognitive function, photography has had proven benefits.

Depending on your needs, community colleges offer a range of photography courses -- or YouTube can certainly be your friend.

Brew some beers.

Are you an avid craft beer aficionado? Why not try your hand at the craft?

We're not talking brewing beer in rusty old bath tubs. Home brewing kits and how-tos have become quite comprehensive these days.

And once you've started, we have an inkling you'll never go back.

It's so good to be back at work after an awesome break. I spent the day testing new pickle recipes. Look at those colours! 💖

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Make cooking fun.

Imagine if you turned something you did (perhaps quite mindlessly) every day into something you actually enjoyed. Ah, what joy!

With the right mindset, cooking can be a creative, mindful outlet -- minus the daily stresses it usually brings. We suggest honing in on a particular skill that you've had your mind on for a while.

Like pickling. Or learning the ins and outs of tomatoes in all of their wondrous glory.

Happy hobby-ing!