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This Young Man Took In His 89-Year-Old Neighbour, And Now They're The Best Roommates Ever

She was bound for a nursing home, but moved across the hall.

For four years, Chris Salvatore lived across the hall from Norma Cook, who is more than 50 years his senior, and the pair would catch up from time to time.

But in 2016, when the 89-year-old was diagnosed with leukaemia and the reality of moving into a nursing home, Salvatore swooped in with a GoFundMe campaign raising $50,000 to get Norma home with 24-hour care.

Two months later, the funds were running out, so the actor took things into his own hands, and invited the 89-year-old to become his roommate.

"I decided to pop the question and ask her to move in with me and be my roommate," Salvatore said.

And now they might just be the best roommates ever.

Speaking to The Project on Tuesday night, the pair -- based in Los Angeles -- said it was going well, despite some disagreements on decor.

"We had to switch a few things around, furniture-wise. She has a rule where she says that she only likes five pieces of furniture per room so I had to kind of ditch some of my stuff and bring in some of hers but we made it work," Salvatore told The Project.

The 31-year-old hasn't brought a date home yet, but Norma has been a hit with his mates.

"My friends love Norma. There is always people coming in and out. It's a great time. Norma's friends as well. One of her friends walked in on me in the shower the other day so that was an experience," the Californian said.

"I told her he was bathing the dog so I don't know what she really thought was going on," Norma joked.

"Is that what they call it now? Bathing the dog?" Salvatore quipped back.

Naturally, the internet lost its mind.


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