How To Say 20 Of The Hardest Foods To Pronounce

Par-mee-djah-no Rehd-djah-no
The Vietnamese soup, pho, is pronounced 'fuh'.
The Vietnamese soup, pho, is pronounced 'fuh'.

Ever been to a swanky party where they had one of those fancy big profiterole cakes in a pyramid, drizzled with toffee? That's called a Croquembouche. It is pronounced croc-en-boush.

That's not the only food related word that toys with the tongue. Ever wanted to order a tuna salad but you didn't know how to say Nicoise, so you went for the chicken instead? Don't worry, we got you.

Below are 20 of the hardest words to pronounce, and the correct way to say them.

Infographic from Sousvide Tools