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Oscar The Sooty Owl Has Escaped From Adelaide Zoo, Last Spotted At Adelaide Uni

Adelaideans need to keep an eye out for a beautiful grey owl with enormous dark eyes.

A sooty owl named Oscar taking part in a "free flight" show at Adelaide Zoo appears to have taken the show's name to heart.

The majestic bird took off during the routine show on Monday, and hasn't returned.

Oscar is a recent addition to the zoo, arriving from Cairns Tropical Zoo last year. He's a ten-year-old grey owl with "enormous dark eyes".

"He got a bit of a fright. He's a very clumsy bird," Adelaide Zoo's Nicholas Bishop told the ABC.

"His feet are so equipped with these big talons that he slipped off his perch, landed on the ground and then flew up into the tree."

The bird was last spotted near the north engineering building at The University of Adelaide yesterday. The Zoo appealed to people this morning via Facebook to look for Oscar around campus today.

"Can everyone at Adelaide Uni please keep an eye out today? He was last seen on an air conditioner unit, which looks similar to the hatch to his aviary so we think he's probably disoriented."

If you do spot Oscar the owl, call the Zoo on 8267 3255 or contact them via the Adelaide Zoo Facebook page.


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