01/02/2017 8:55 PM AEDT

Puppy Learns Tough Life Lesson After Sticking Head Inside Tire Wheel

Fire crews freed the pooch with "patience" and "a lot of coconut oil."

Facebook / Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department
Blaze found himself in a precarious situation after he stuck his head through a tire wheel in Butte, Montana, on Monday afternoon.

Fire crews in Montana used dogged determination to free an inquisitive puppy from a tire wheel.

The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department was called into action after an 8-month-old coonhound’s curiosity got the better of him. Blaze’s owners left him alone in their yard on Monday afternoon and somehow he managed to get his head stuck in a tire wheel.

“With a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking, and some powerful skin-pulling, Blaze’s head was quickly and successfully extricated from the tire wheel without the use of tools but with firefighter Zach Osborne’s brute strength,” the fire department wrote on Facebook.

Blaze remained “calm, cool and collected throughout the ordeal,” and only suffered “some minor neck swelling,” the department noted.

“Hopefully this was a valuable lesson for young Blaze, and we won’t have to respond to any more menacing incidents involving this playful puppy.”