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Sean Spicer Appears To Call Turnbull 'Trumble' In Press Conference

Way to mend US-Australia relations, Mr Spicer.

When Press Secretary Sean Spicer fronted the media pack at the White House yesterday, he fielded some questions about the reportedly tense phone call between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and President Donald Trump.

However, he couldn't seem to pronounce the Australian PM's name correctly, saying "Trumble" instead of "Turnbull", twice.

"The President had a very cordial conversation with Prime Minister Trumble, where they went through an extensive discussion of, of this deal," Spicer said.

"The President is unbelievably disappointed in the previous administration's deal that was made and how poorly it was crafted and the threat to national security it put the United States on."

Spicer later added: "So he has ensured that while he has respect for the Australian people, respect for Prime Minister Trumble, that we do not pose a threat to the United States of America.

You can watch Spicer's responses in the video above.

Meanwhile, people seem to have taken a liking to the PM's new moniker, with "Prime Minister Trumble" now trending on Twitter.

As a tribute to the PM at the Mundine/Green fight the ring announcer should start with "let's get ready to Trumble"

— Wil Anderson (@Wil_Anderson) February 2, 2017


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