03/02/2017 12:03 PM AEDT | Updated 03/02/2017 2:31 PM AEDT

The NBN Has An Instagram Account And It Makes No Sense At All

What do animals have to do with high speed broadband?

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the National Broadband Network?

A) Free range chickens, sheep and cows grazing in a field;

B) The beach;

C) Brunch at a hipster cafe;

D) None of the above.

If you answered A, B or C, that pretty much sums up what the NBN's Instagram page is all about. With approximately 1830 followers, the feed is a collection of fairly unrelated stock images and illustrations which manage to find a connection between the most mundane activity or object and the NBN roll out. The randomness of the Insta account was brought to our attention by Gizmodo.

Just look at all of the animals who are so excited for the NBN:

Of course some of the human commenters have suggested that it might be nice to have coverage where people actually live instead of in the pastures where animals graze.

"Australian animals have more access than Rural Australians. Strategic maps look like we get it until you zoom in a bit further and notice it's grazing pastures of sheep, crown land or walking tracks. Get it together," wrote one user on a picture of sheep.

The NBN sure do love our beaches. Take a look at this breathtaking scenery:

Cool off(line) and catch up online via the nbn™ network. #GENnbn @creative360

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And food. Instagrammers love food so they've got a few foodie shots in there for good measure:

The world is your oyster. Discover what makes you tick and share it around the globe. #GENnbn @frostickle

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There are even some nostalgic technology shots which, as one commenter pointed out, are nearly as high tech as the NBN itself.

Keep up with the Times (New Roman) and communicate with a click thanks to the nbn™ network. #GENnbn @bonniemade

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