03/02/2017 2:32 PM AEDT | Updated 03/02/2017 3:42 PM AEDT

We're Flab-bergasted By This Pro Boxer For All The Obvious Reasons

Wrong kind of six pack, guy.

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News Corp journalist Grantlee Kieza's enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, boxing is one of the only authentic things about a fight which is otherwise a massive yawn. Grantlee took this pic.

Boxing was respectable once, which is saying something given its aim is to inflict the sort of harm that often triggers dementia.

The latest body blow to a dying sport? Pencil it in for Friday night, when 41-year-old Anthony Mundine fights 43-year-old Danny Green. It's the sporting equivalent of two zombies sluggin' it out after being exhumed from the grave.

Morne de Klerk via Getty Images
Please make these people go away.

Even the "controversies" which have been drummed-up to generate interest in the fight smell putrid and old. There are actual eggs in actual omelettes which were not beaten-up as much as the Mundine anthem story and the really stupid follow-up to the Mundine anthem story.

But it gets even more farcical. Have you seen the undercard? We present to you the weirdness that is Australian Wallabies rugby union player Quade Cooper versus, um, this guy.

Twitter Grantlee Kieza

The flabby guy's name is Jack McInnes. He's fought professionally twice for no wins. At least he's consistent.

Before boxing, he dabbled in kickboxing and other assorted other combat sports. He might have been a decent athlete once. Is he now? That beer gut suggests otherwise.

So, too, does McInnes himself. The 22-year-old from Hervey Bay in Queensland, told the Fraser Coast Chronicle that "trying to lose too much weight is doing my body harm and I'm not coping well".

Uh-huh. We wonder how he'll cope in the ring. Actually. no we don't. We couldn't care less. Because we'll be watching the inaugural match of the new AFL Women's league instead.

The TV options are the biggest mismatch of all on Friday night.