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It's World Nutella Day. Here Are 10 Glorious Things To Make

Can't stop, won't stop.

We all have fond memories of Nutella growing up, whether it was slathered in ridiculous amounts onto toast, pancakes or simply eaten straight from the jar (sorry, mum).

Because it's World Nutella Day (the real MVP of 'World' food days) and because we love any excuse to stuff our faces with sweet, sweet chocolate spread, here are 10 glorious ways to eat Nutella.

1. Banana and Nutella toastie

We all know that Nutella thickly spread on toast is perfection, but if you want to take it up a notch, make a banana and Nutella toastie, a delicious Australian-Italian fusion.

All you need to do is butter bread (use sourdough to make it fancy), spread Nutella on the inside, add banana slices, and toast until golden. Both the Nutella and caramelised banana become gooey, with the two elements uniting in holy matrimony.

2. Hot chocolate or iced chocolate

If you want your Nutella fix in liquid form, make hot (or iced) chocolate with loooots of Nutella added. Just as a warning, these drinks are rich so make sure your stomachs are ready.

Here's a two-ingredient Nutella hot chocolate recipe. If you're feeling like something cool, try this frozen Nutella iced chocolate.

3. Brownies

Would you believe us if we told you just three ingredients stand between you and these fudgy, moist brownies? It's true, and they're delicious.

Check out the video below to show you how it's done.

4. Ice cream topper

To pimp up your ice cream at home, use Nutella as an easy chocolatey topping.

Simply place your favourite ice cream in a bowl, warm up a few tablespoons of Nutella and drizzle it all over. Add crushed nuts for crunch factor.

5. Banana Nutella smoothie

For a fresh Nutella experience, make a smoothie by blending frozen banana, a few tablespoons of Nutella, milk and vanilla essence. YUM.

6. Pancakes or waffle topper

If you've never tried this before, firstly, why, and secondly, make some pancakes or waffles right now. Once you've got all your warm pancakes or waffles, layer Nutella between them and don't forget to add some on top too.

For a less thick Nutella experience, warm the chocolate spread before layering.

7. Nutella dipped bananas

As you can tell, banana and Nutella are a perfectly matched couple. To make this kid-friendly dessert, warm the Nutella first. Then insert paddle pop sticks in banana halves and dip the bananas into the melted Nutella. Roll in crushed nuts to finish.

You can even freeze these for a cool summer treat.

8. Cake icing

The next time you're faced with a naked chocolate cake, you betcha, get out the jar and use Nutella as the icing. Eating a slice of this may induce a severe food coma, so beware.


9. Granola

Look, this was never going to be a healthy recipe feature. So why not take it one step further and make Nutella granola, filled with golden oats, crunchy nuts and seeds, and rich chocolate spread.

If you're game, here's a delectable Nutella granola recipe to try the next time you feel like dessert for breakfast.

10. Nutella molten mug cake

For a portion controlled cake (we all need it), mug cakes are the way to go, especially chocolate ones filled with warm, oozing Nutella. And it only takes a few minutes.

Here's the recipe. You're welcome.

How Nutella Day makes everyone feel.



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