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A Teaser For 'Stranger Things' Season Two Just Dropped At The Super Bowl

Looks like we can expect its return this Halloween.

Not long after Lady Gaga's epic halftime Super Bowl performance came a 40-second promo clip for Netflix's hit sci-fi series, 'Stranger Things'.

Ever since we finished binge-watching season one, we've been riddled with questions. Will there be justice for Barb? And what happens to Eleven?

Sadly, not much gets answered in the trailer though it does reveal the series will return this Halloween. Oh, and it looks as though Eleven is very much alive (but we always knew she would be, right?).

There's also some serious '80s vibes with the teaser featuring footage from a classic Eggo (waffles) commercial that debuted in 1979 and aired throughout the 80s. We also catch a glimpse of Dustin decked out in a 'Ghostbusters' inspired kit.

Other than that it simply confirms 'the world is turning upside down.'

Looks like the gang has more evil to fight. And something tell us it's even darker than the Demogorgon.


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