05/02/2017 8:58 PM AEDT | Updated 05/02/2017 9:05 PM AEDT

Surfer, Child Prodigy, Buffet Enthusiast: Sabre Norris Is Back And We're Thrilled

'You've got to eat more than what the price is, that's how you win.'

Ellen Show
Sabre Norris on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

She's the closest Australia has to a real life energiser bunny, rivalling Steve Irwin in the competition for most earnestly stoked Australian personality in history.

Young surfer and all-round legend Sabre Norris has become an Ellen show favourite. Last time Norris appeared on the daytime program in December she was gifted a trip to Las Vegas.

She was thrilled by the opportunity, purely because she had done her "research" and was sure there would be a buffet in "every single hotel." She was not disappointed.

Degeneres invited Norris back on the show -- post buffet tour -- and was met with the same unrelenting enthusiasm.

During the interview, Norris shared some serious buffet wisdom, explaining how it's a "gamble" and "you've got to eat more than what the price is, that's how you win".

"Say if it's twenty dollars when you go in there, you've got to eat thirty," Norris told Degeneres.

Check out the entire interview, because every minute is gold.

The 11-year-old first caught our attention when she won the wildcard entry into the Sydney International Pro women's surfing comp. During an interview with Channel Nine's Today Show, Karl Stefanovic lost it when Norris announced she would spend the $250 prize money on doughnuts.

The landmark of any internet star, Ellen Degeneres invited Norris on her show and the resulting interview has been viewed over thirty million times. Thirty million.