Shark Swims Just Metres From The Shore In Sydney's La Perouse

Prepare to be terrified.

Beach-goers at Sydney's La Perouse were left startled after they were confronted by a two-metre bull shark in shallow waters on Tuesday afternoon.

A video has emerged of the undoubtedly terrifying experience that shows the bull shark flapping about in the water at the popular swimming destination.

Steph Robin was down the beach at the time and she told The Daily Telegraph that the shark was surrounded by people and stayed around to show off.

"It came back a few times as looking for attention. It was beautiful but people should be aware and be careful," she said.

Aymen Elrashid shared the video to his Facebook page, accompanied with the caption "shark on the sand literally at La Perouse".

National Geographic explains that bull sharks are aggressive, common and they often live near high-population areas.

"Fast, agile predators, they will eat almost anything they see, including fish, dolphins, and even other sharks," the website said.

"Humans are not, per se, on their menus. However, they frequent the turbid waters of estuaries and bays, and often attack people inadvertently or out of curiosity."