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This Stunning Space Image Captures Uluru Like You've Never Seen It Before

Beamed down from the International Space Station.

A stunning image of Uluru has shown the sacred site as you've never seen it before by capturing it from the International Space Station.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared the image on his official Facebook page and since then the beautiful picture has since been liked over 82,000 times and shared over 13,000.

"Here is a picture I've wanted to take for a long time: Ayer's rock in Australia (also named Uluru in Aboriginal). This is a sacred site, and a striking landscape", he said in the post.

"Not easy to spot from the International Space Station, but as the Sun went down, we got lucky!" Pesquet added.

People are delighted with the image, commenting on the photo to express their gratitude to Pesquet for sharing this unique angle of the iconic landmark.

"If there's a place where I felt soothed, in harmony with nature, it is at Uluru. It's a magical place.... I was waiting for a picture of this jewel... there she is! Thank you Thomas for these moments shared with all of us, little earthlings," one user wrote.

Parks Australia says that Uluru rises 348 metres above the plain and 860 metres above sea level -- higher than Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower.

"If you walk right around the base of Uluru, you'll find it has a circumference of 9.4 kilometres," Parks Australia said.

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