What Eating Different Coloured Foods Does For Your Health

Eat the rainbow (but we're not talking Skittles).

You've probably heard the term 'eat the rainbow', not to be confused with 'taste the rainbow', which is the tagline of those tiny bright delicious pops of sugar that are Skittles. But we digress.

Eat the rainbow refers to the huge health benefits in having many naturally coloured foods on your plate.

Take the colour red for example. Naturally occurring red foods such as raspberries, chillis, tomato and strawberries help to reduce the risk of diabetes, soak up free radicals (they're the bad guys) and even improve skin quality. The same can not be said for red frogs or slurpees. Sorry.

For how and why other coloured foods are good for your health, check out the below infographic.

Infographic from Swissotel