10/02/2017 12:29 AM AEDT

Trans YouTube Star Gigi Gorgeous Opens Up About Coming Out As Lesbian

"This is a lot to comprehend coming from the outside.'

Beauty icon, transgender role model and YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous just added another big bullet point to her already impressive resume: star of her own documentary.

“This Is Everything,” an intimate look at Gorgeous’ personal and professional journey thus far, premiered at Sundance in January and is now available for viewing on YouTube Red. The film chronicles not only her transition, but also her rise as a social media star who regularly interacts with millions of followers across multiple platforms.

Gorgeous recently dropped by The Huffington Post to chat with me about “This Is Everything.” During our conversation, she opened up about the controversy that erupted when she came out as a lesbian in Sept. 2016.

“When you came out as a lesbian, you got some haters ― even within the queer community. Why do you think some people had a harder time with you coming out as a lesbian than as transgender?” I asked her.

“I think it actually has something to do with being trans,” Gorgeous replied. “Being a transgender woman and a lesbian I think is a lot for people to handle... I get it. This is a lot to comprehend coming from the outside. But this is me and this is what the film is all about ― it’s a human you’re talking to. Labels do not define you. They literally are just labels at the end of the day and I’m all for a label-less human ― Go for it! Do you! ― but if I want to label myself, accept it and move on and let’s just have a conversation.”

Watch the full interview with Gigi Gorgeous above and for more from her, check out her YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter. “This Is Everything” is now available for viewing on YouTube Red.