The Victorian Government Wants You To Stop Typing And Start Dancing

'Dance Break' is the new app putting your standing desk to shame.
Computer says YES.
Computer says YES.

Forget standing desks and office planks, this year it's all about busting a move.

We know we're less active, our posture is suffering (together with our waistlines) so it makes sense the powers above are looking at new ways to encourage movement amongst Aussies of all ages.

Enter 'Dance Break' an app that's been backed by the Victorian government aiming to get people moving at home, school, in the office or on the street.

It's been an idea years in the making for Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett, the Melbourne duo behind dance-in-the-dark movement 'No Lights, No Lycra'.

With 75 locations worldwide, they've built a dance community based on free movement: there's no steps to learn, no teacher, no light -- and perhaps the best bit -- no lycra.

"We've always talked about bringing the concept into schools and corporate environments and decided an app would be the perfect way to do it," Glenn told The Huffington Post Australia.

So how does it work?

Once a day the app will override your phone with an upbeat dance track.

Anywhere, anytime, thousands of people will dance to the same song, regardless of time-zone or location.

"Anywhere, anytime, thousands of people will dance to the same song, regardless of time-zone or location," Glenn said.

And then, after every dance a map will appear showing the number and location of the people you just danced with.

Since launching this week Glenn said they've already had someone break it down in Antarctica, of all places.

It's a pretty great result for Glenn and Barrett who entered their project into VicHealth's Innovation Challenge and won, allowing them to refine their idea in collaboration with VicHealth.

"We're really excited people will be able to engage with 'No Lights, No Lycra' on a daily basis and experience the benefits of dance wherever they are in the world," Glenn said.

It's true, there's nothing quite like gettin' down. Let's hope your boss agrees.

Available free on Apple and Android devices, 'Dance Break' is out now.