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Tiny Team Of Squirrel Monkeys Are As Adorable As You'd Imagine

They cling to their mothers like fluffy little backpacks.

Meet four of Taronga Zoo's newest, fluffiest additions -- a team of squirrel monkeys.

They're too young to tell their gender, so they don't have names yet but primate keeper Janet Lackey said they were fitting right in.

"It's a very exciting time for the family group of 17 squirrel monkeys," Lackey said.

The cling to mum like backpacks
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
Sometimes it's nap time when you're on the move
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
They love fruit
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
And playing with the other newborns
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
They're learning about the world
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
And discovering new sensations
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo
With mum always close by
Paul Fahy / Taronga Zoo

"We are starting to see the older babies venturing off mum's back and exploring the trees and ropes, and being very playful together.

"The youngest baby is still clinging tightly to mum as there is quite a big developmental difference between four and six weeks of age."

"We do have a first time mum in the group, little four-year-old Yamma, and she is doing so impressively well. We are really proud of her," said Janet.

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