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Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron Defends Derogatory Homosexuality Comments

He also linked gay people to the creative class. And just about every figure throughout history.

Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron has defended a speech he gave at a Sydney fundraiser on Thursday night where he made several derogatory comments about homosexuals.

Cameron, who served in the federal parliament from 1996 to 2004, referred to the Sydney Morning Herald as the "Sydney Morning Homosexual" and said the NSW Liberal Party was "basically a gay club".

Cameron defended his comments which were made at the anti-Islam Q Society fundraiser as revealed in a Sydney Morning Herald exclusive, in an appearance on Sky News' Friday Report with Janine Perrett.

"I would say that I didn't make a single, if you go through my remarks, I don't see a single sentence of my remarks that is critical of gays," he said.

At one point he referenced the story of Hadrian's Wall in his speech at the Q Society fundraiser.

On Sky News, he said his comments were in support of gay people.

"I was talking about the fact that Hadrian, in fact I had a very pro-gay speech, in which I said that gays have been associated with the creative class since the beginning of history," he said.

"Throughout my speech I was saying to this audience that same-sex attraction has been a feature of the human story since the very beginning and that many of the greatest and most creative humans who have advanced civilisation the furthest have been gay. I cited in particular, Socrates."

While no clear apology was made for his comments, Cameron did look to respond to Friday's Sydney Morning Herald exclusive, calling it "state-sponsored orthodoxic political correctness."

"I can tell you that I am the most laissez-faire in matters of homosexuals. What I object to is the Sydney Morning Herald taking the view that the far sweep of Australians are homophobic, racist rednecks.

"I want to say that I would like to get through the rest of my life without doing anything to make a person who feels that their sexual preference is being criticised or challenged or ridiculed, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to add one ounce of discomfort to any human for their sexual preferences."

I just say, gayness should not be mandatory.Former Liberal MP Ross Cameron

Cameron also refused to repudiate comments made by political cartoonist Larry Pickering at the fundraiser on Thursday targeting Muslim individuals.

"I would say two things: number one, I think it was a unhelpful to the cause. I'm sure it is offensive and that is why I would not have uttered that remark," he said.

"I don't take responsibility for the comments and remarks of everyone, I wasn't even in the room when Larry spoke."

Another Q Society fundraiser is set to be held in Melbourne on Friday night where the VIP guests are expected to include Liberal Party defector Cory Bernardi and LNP MP George Christensen.

The fundraiser is set to occur amid calls for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to disallow Christensen -- who remains a member under the Liberal government, to speak at the event on Friday night.

The Office of the Prime Minister has made no comment regarding Christensen or the fundraiser.

A protest was also seen in St Kilda, Melbourne ahead of the event with people holding banners and signs rallying around Q Society attendees.

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