11/02/2017 1:44 PM AEDT | Updated 11/02/2017 2:18 PM AEDT

It's So Hot Aussies Are Helping Koalas Cool Down

Koalas are looking for relief from the heat.

AFP/Getty Images
Koalas are struggling in the heat but locals are helping them out with water.

It's so hot on the east coast even koalas are calling for refreshments.

As the mercury soars across NSW and Queensland, locals have been helping out koalas that have been looking for a way to stay cool in the heat.

With temperatures passing 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country, it's no wonder many of the beloved native marsupials have been looking for a cool-down.

At 2pm (AEDT) the temperature was nudging 40C in Canberra, while in Brisbane it was 36C and Sydney was recording 33C. Other capital cities were in the 20s.

With the heat set to peak in the next few hours there are likely to be more koalas leaving the eucalyptus for a dip before a cool change arrives this evening.