13/02/2017 10:19 AM AEDT | Updated 13/02/2017 12:09 PM AEDT

Clive Palmer Is Back On Twitter And Perhaps He's Not Getting Enough Sleep

The former member for Fairfax has been tweeting again.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has sung his goodbyes to Cory Bernardi.
Olivia Harris / Reuters
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has sung his goodbyes to Cory Bernardi.

Politics has been described as battle, as war by other means and here in Sydney our parliament is fondly referred to as 'the bear pit'.

But it's also, in a weird way, like a big dysfunctional family and one you can clearly miss once you're out of the old homestead.

So maybe it's this sentiment that's moved Clive Palmer, the former Member for Fairfax, to let his passions burst from his thumbs and onto Twitter.

The object of the artist's eye, current Australian Conservative(s) and former Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, has caused Palmer to burst out in song for the second time in a week.

His latest offering isn't the first time the businessman -- and poet, yes poet -- has shared his thoughts about his former colleagues and political enemies.

Earlier this week Palmer returned to his favourite "goodbye" or "" themed songs, which first topped the charts when he wished former Queensland premier Campbell Newman all the very best in 2013.

A fresh take on a classic, he speaks simply of saying goodbye to Bernardi, who was clearly sick of being inside the Liberal Party tent while pissing all over it, and decided to challenge himself by goin outside where he runs the risk of missing it altogether.

But stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Palmer also dipped his thumbs gracefully into poetic verse over South Australian MP.

Despite being engaged in Federal Court proceedings over the collapse of Queensland Nickel, there is seemingly no issue too big or too small for Palmer, whose work delves into the murky world of philosophy.

In the end, Palmer''s message to his fans is clear:

But also, (and never forget):