Trash Doves: The Purple Floppy Bird Flocking Your Facebook Newsfeed

The internet is weird.

We all know by now that the internet is a weird and wonderful place. Trends take off for no apparent reason and this purple floppy bird is no exception.

The what? I'm referring to Trash Doves the weird floppy bird that's flocking your news feed. Not seen it yet? Look harder, the Facebook sticker has gone absolutely viral.

Last week it was the 'cash me outside' girl, this week it's Trash Doves. A round of stickers that Facebook offers that you can post on your wall, in comments or private messages.

"Floppy Trash Dove is part of a collection of Facebook stickers known as Trash Doves which contains both animated and non animated stickers featuring a purple pigeon in various situations," explains.

American artist Syd Weiler who created the birds also feels pretty surprised about the whole thing, that first went viral in Thailand.

"I am very surprised, but grateful! Thank you, Thailand. I think it's really fun, and I'm glad you all like the Doves!" Syd Weiler told Khaosod.

When asked to explain what was going on with the bird's behaviour (yes she was actually asked this), her response was apparently noncommittal.

"He could be either, or both! Or happy and excited... it's whatever you want it to be," she said. It's pretty weird she's even getting asked the question to be honest.

Can't quite believe it? Well the rise in popularity is depicted perfectly by Google Trends, showing an 100 percent interest in the search term on Google.

Stats don't lie folks.
Stats don't lie folks.

The internet has now responded to the Trash Doves creating a number of memes in the face of what may just be one of the weirdest internet crazes. EVER.

"When you come back to Facebook after being out for a few days," one meme page wrote. "#TrashDoves you will be cursed!" another said.

Sometimes memes take off that represents trends, universal jokes and even politics. But sometimes they just take off and there is literally no reason behind it.

Neither do we folks, neither do we.