13/02/2017 5:20 AM AEDT | Updated 13/02/2017 11:14 AM AEDT

West Wing Actor Richard Schiff Got #PresidentBawbag Trending And It Was Amazing

Donald Trump and Richard Schiff.

West Wing actor Richard Schiff has been hailed as an honorary Scotsman after using his celebrity status to get the hashtag #PresidentBawbag trending on Twitter across the world.

Schiff, who played gruff but kind-hearted speech writer Toby Ziegler in the much-loved US show, was delighted to happen across the word ‘bawbag’ on social media.

Scottish slang for ‘scrotum’ or ‘ballbag’, used specifically as an insult, ‘bawbag’ has been applied to Donald Trump during protests across Scotland in recent weeks following his Muslim travel ban.

Here’s confirmation.

But it took a request from a Twitter user for Schiff to put his full weight behind the burgeoning trend.

On his journey of discovery, Schiff was alerted to ‘Hurricane Bawbag’.

This was the storm that battered Scotland in December 2011. It was officially called Friedhelm, but was dubbed something very different north of the border once it trended on Twitter. Schiff found it apt.

Bit by bit, #PresidentBawbag started to conquer the world.

Plenty were joining in the fun, including the spoof account of Larry the Downing Street cat:


Inevitably, it got the ‘Trump Draws’ treatment.


#PresidentBawbag even gave rise to an anatomically similar alternative: #SCROTUS. 

Schiff along the way took down Trump cheerleader-in-chief Piers Morgan. 

#PresidentBawbag spawned some excellent West Wing-related gifs.

Before long, Schiff was being adopted as a Scot.

And perhaps he’ll warm to many of the other imaginative terms of abuse devised in Scotland and directed at the President.