KFC Brings Out People's Soft Side Over Their Love Of Fried Chicken

Finger lickin' love.

KFC lovers have shared how fried chicken brought them together in an attempt to win a bouquet of the stuff for Valentines Day and it's surprisingly heartwarming.

It all started when KFC New Zealand put a call out on Facebook for people to win a fried chicken bouquet, asking those special chicken lovers to come forward.

"Tag the wind beneath your chicken wings below to be in to win!" KFC asked. Then something else happened, people starting sharing their chicken-ridden tales of love.

Turns out KFC has starred in a lot of love stories. Who would have thought?

"Because when we first met we would always go to the Whg kfc and then for our 1st and 2nd year anniversary we had a picnic with KFC. Its a part of our relationship xx," one user wrote.

"I would love this for my partner who loves KFC so much ... this is hardest Valentines day coz wer (sic) away from each other for 4 months and I know its hard for both us.. this would put smile on his face.. I hope you will pick me please," another said.

"Aww I'd love for you to win this because you sacrifice our hungover cheat meal on Sunday for me every single week because I don't eat meat and I can't express how much you do. You definitely deserve this!" one another added.

Honestly, we could go on for days about the number of sentimental posts people have left KFC. Below are the entries that finally stole KFC's heart.

Unfortunately the bouquets are only available in Auckland and just a limited number have been made. It's probably for the best as KFC should only ever be eaten for a special treat.

Here's some more zingers.