14/02/2017 12:08 PM AEDT | Updated 14/02/2017 2:22 PM AEDT

The Internet Is Now Comparing Justin Trudeau to Hugh Grant In Love Actually


Love Actually/Getty
OK fine, we see it.

People of the internet have now decided that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau draws serious comparisons to Hugh Grant's portrayal of a British PM in Love Actually.

It appears Trump's presidency has gotten the world to almost forget that politics is in fact real life and not a film we can turn off.

It looks like some Richard Curtis fan with clearly way to much time on their hands, threw the idea out into cybersphere a few years back and naturally people loved it.

There's Twitter posts dating back to 2015 comparing Trudeau to Grant's character. It seems his actual meeting with US President Donald Trump resurfaced these comparisons.

We all remember when Grant's character finally stands up to the American President Billy Bob Thorton in a press conference in Love Actually, right? People were hoping life would imitate art. Here's the famous film scene to jog your memory.

"CNN guest compared Trudeau-Trump meeting to the "Love Actually" scene where Hugh Grant's British PM stands up to Billy Bob Thornton's POTUS," one Twitter user said.

People went a little mad on Twitter with excitement about the whole thing, hoping to see a Trump take down take place.

Look we get it, Trudeau has some similarities to Grant's character in the film but really it ends there. People may not have got the take down they wanted but Trudeau's seriously impressive handshake with the U.S. President still counts for something.