15/02/2017 5:19 AM AEDT

JK Rowling Tried To Trick Piers Morgan Into Tweeting This And It Worked Like A Charm

JK Rowling has trolled Piers Morgan by trying to trick him into retweeting his own praise for her after they had a furious Twitter row.

After the pair argued over the weekend, Rowling tweeted out a piece of praise on Tuesday, suggesting it was a Valentine and appealing to find the author.

“Could the writer let me know who he is? I’d love to thank him,” she said.

Apparently not stopping to think whether it looked familiar, Morgan retweeted it saying it was “priceless humblebrag BS”.

”Nobody plays the celebrity game more abusively or ruthless than you,” he wrote, calling her Ms ‘Intensively Private Billionaire’, a dig at the part of the piece that says Rowling “guards her private life intensely”.

The problem is the piece Rowling tweeted was written by Morgan in 2010, when he included the Harry Potter author in his ‘100 British Celebrities Who Really Matter’.

Morgan then tweeted Buzzfeed journalist Jamie Ross, calling him a “quarter-wit” for thinking he had tweeted Rowling’s tweet not knowing what it was.

...Which left Ross and a Buzzfeed colleague unconvinced.

Meanwhile, the people have spoken. A total of 55% of people polled by YouGov said they sided with Rowling over Morgan following their Twitter spat, compared with 9% siding with him.

But Morgan had a comeback to that too: